Todd Anderson Owner, Conn Valley Vineyards

Todd Anderson
Owner, Conn Valley Vineyards

After graduating from University of Pacific in Stockton, CA with a degree in Geology Todd went to work for a small geophysical firm that was on the cutting edge of technology for seismic oil and gas exploration. Todd soon realized the corporate world was not for him. Although he loved the industry he was in, he continually had thoughts of the outdoors and getting back in touch with the soil. These thoughts along with the mention from his parents of starting a “small vineyard” is what led to the creation of Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards (ACVV).

Conn Valley Vineyards is a family business in every sense of the meaning. Todd Moved to St. Helena in 1983 and together with his partners turned what was originally 40 acres of hay fields into what is now the vineyards and winery. In the summer of 1983 Todd sat on a bulldozer building the reservoir, pounding fence posts, stringing wire, and installing the drip irrigation. Along with his father he fenced the property and built the home and winery. The first crop in 1987 was the first commercial release of ACVV wines and was also the vintage that put Todd and ACVV on the map.

Over the years Todd has discovered that most guests truly have a desire to learn about growing grapes and making wine. One of the things he loves the most is to sit in the caves with guests, taste the wine and be available to talk to people and share in the experience with them while talking candidly about the many aspects of the business.  Todd welcomes each guest and makes each experience at Anderson’s Conn Valley one to remember.