“I was once a part of the Children’s Home. I just graduated from high school on June 11. I started college three days later. I’m doing well and wanted to say thank you because you might not know but you have been there a lot, more than you think. You have been there, because without you we would have nowhere to lay our heads, no food in our stomach, nobody to watch over us. You are doing a great job.”

~ Kalif, Group Home Resident
Bethlehem, PA

In nine years, the Lehigh Valley Wine Auction and Gala has raised over $1,500,000 to fund educational, developmental and social services for children. The proceeds benefit the Children’s Home of Easton and Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society. Last year, contributions benefited over 3,000 children. Below are just some of the critical outcomes inspired by the gala.

Children’s Home of Easton:

  • The Children’s Home of Easton provided housing, education and care for 120 children dealing with abuse, neglect and other traumatic experiences.
  • 97% of the students at the Home were promoted to the next grade level.
  • 100% of high school seniors graduated last year and are currently attending a college or trade school.
  • Overall, 82% of the children experienced positive outcomes, such as being reunited with a family member, completing the program, no longer needing services, enrolling in college or needing less intensive services.


Northampton County Historical & Genealogical Society:

  • Over 600 students received educational opportunities through field trips to the Sigal Museum, the Bachmann Public House, and the in-school “Traveling Trunks” program.
  • More than 150 children participated in the innovative “Sidewalk Series” and other community craft projects to spark creativity.
  • 2,000 families visited the Sigal Museum for a glimpse of life in the Victorian and Colonial periods in Northampton County


We greatly appreciate the generosity and leadership of our sponsors, supporters and friends to help children recognize their self-worth and reach their full-potential.