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The Children's Home of Easton is a nonprofit organization established in 1885 that provides comprehensive care through professional staff who guide, support, and encourage children to believe in their own self worth and reach their full potential. We serve dependent, neglected, and traumatized children who due to circumstances beyond their control are unable to remain at home and/or with their family of origin. We work with both the children and their family of origin to achieve permanency and independence. We strive to prepare each child to cope effectively with the realities of life and to become a productive member of society. Our goal is to build, strengthen, and preserve every family's full potential. We are dedicated to creating family solutions while teaching and remaining true to our four pillars: compassion, respect, integrity and perseverance. 

Father and Son

"Children need more than food, clothing, and shelter. This is a measure such as a Home affords."

- Reverend Stevenson at The Children's Home of Easton opening in 1885.

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