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Campus Cottages

CHE campus residential program provides a daily highly structured program that is monitored by the entire direct care team designated for each cottage. The team that works with each resident includes, but not limited to, casework staff, direct care staff, recreation, education, administrative, kitchen, office, transportation, clerical, and maintenance staff, as all are involved to a degree, with the children we serve. Programs and services available includes, but not limited to, individual and group sessions that address specific topics of independent living, daily life skills, personal development, anger management, after school clubs, book club, baking club, sibling club, daily recreation schedule, and weekly volunteer projects. The Children’s Home has also fully implemented OLWEUS, an agency wide anti bullying program that all staff and residents practice and enforce on a daily basis. Our program is structured and all are held accountable but also as flexible and individualized as a family setting while affording the alternative structure provided by an institution.

There are activities for the youth to be engaged in on our campus as well as in the community. Residents are encouraged to participate in healthy, recreational activities. We also encourage our residents to be involved in extracurricular activities in both their school and community. Education is a major component of our program as a majority of these admissions are a result of truancy.

Tour Cordina Cottage for Girls:
Tour Smith Cottage for Boys:
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