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Custody Exchange Services

The Children's Home of Easton offers services to parents that may experience difficulty getting along with another when exchanging their child. This service is safe and reduces the opportunity for children to witness negative interactions between their parents. 

The Children’s Home of Easton offers many services for children and families in need of support due to changing family dynamics, court-orders, crisis assessments or connections to professional assistance.  Helping to create and sustain successful family relationships is the motivation for offering these services to ensure that a child has the opportunity to continue their relationship with their non-custodial parent.


The purpose of our Visitation Program is to provide experienced professionals in the event a non-custodial parent is required to participate in supervised visitation with their child and/or children.  We have a rich history of working with children and families and we understand the extraneous circumstances and how a negative dynamic between two people can affect and traumatize a child.

We offer Supervised Visitation, Visit Coaching, Custody Exchanges, and Home Assessments. For more information about the process and procedures, please contact Lisa Bedoya at 484-837-6414.

Tour our Supervised Visit Program:

Supervised Visit Program

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